This Week In Cannabis – September 25, 2017

redditlinkMarijuana-Infused Wine Being Sold

Marijuana-Infused Wine Being Sold in California For Medical Card Holders

(source) – Canna Vine, is selling a cannabis infused wine that has active THC in it and is green in color. Only those in California with a medical marijuana card can purchase a bottle of cannabis wine. Half bottles start at $120 dollars and can go all the way up to $400.

redditlinkStudy: Legal Cannabis May Reduce Opioid Usage

Study: Legal Cannabis May Reduce Opioid Usage

(source) – A new study shows that patients who take cannabis for pain treatment tend to stop coming back for more pain management help and some even lower their total prescriptions usage too. The study was based on an observation by Dr. Anthony Reeve, a pain specialist.

redditlinkIceland - Cannabis Legalization Bill Proposed

Iceland – Cannabis Legalization Bill Proposed in Parliament

(source) – A bill was proposed by MP Pawel Bartoszek to regulate the full processes of selling and using cannabis throughout Iceland. Under the bill you would need to be least 20 years of age to purchase. According to the latest poll 6.6% of Icelandic adults use cannabis and 77% oppose it.

redditlinkLas Vegas Dispensaries Going 24/7

Another Las Vegas Dispensary Can Stay Open 24/7

(source) – The City Council voted to allow Oasis Cannabis to stay open 24/7. The current mayors son does have some stake in marijuana companies. This looks to be the second dispensary to be open 24/7 after North Las Vegas allowed a dispensary to go 24/7 last month.

redditlinkOntario Offers Marijuana Production Certifications

An Ontario College is Offering Post Secondary Marijuana Production Certifications

(source) – Niagara College is offering students a chance to gain a certification in Post Secondary Marijuana Production. The college is well know for other certifications such as their world class wine production program. This will be the first in the country and they plan to open the program fall of 2018

redditlinkOntario Government Planning $10 Grams

The Ontario Government is Looking Into Selling Cannabis at $10 Per Gram

(source) – The Ontario Government is looking into selling cannabis for $10 per gram. This is expected to generate around $100 million in gross annual tax revenue. It is unclear if buying large amounts, such as ounces, would result in a cheaper price, or it will be a $10 per gram no matter what.

redditlinkMaine Wants Cannabis Drive-Thrus

Proposed Cannabis Rules Will Allow Online Sales & Drive-Thrus in Maine

(source) – Maine’s Legislature’s Marijuana Committee has proposed regulations would allow marijuana to be sold online, and allow the use of drive-thrus for sales. Customers would have to provide proof they are 21 when picking up their cannabis. Some believe online sales will lead to easy pot access for minors.

redditlinkNorthern Michigan University Offers Medical Marijuana Major For Undergraduates

Northern Michigan University Offers Medical Marijuana Major For Undergraduates

(source) – Northern Michigan University is offering medical marijuana training courses. This is the first college in the country to be offering a service like this. It is expected to help train students for the ever growing career in medical marijuana sales and cultivation.

redditlink77 Year Old Man Sentenced To 10 Years For Cannabis Cultivation

77 Year Old Man Sentenced To 10 Years For Cannabis Cultivation

(source) – A 77 year old man was sentenced to 10 years in jail for growing more than 1,700 marijuana plants. Detectives running another case smelled marijuana at the home of Charles Frederick White and after obtaining a search warrant found more than 1,200 plants.

redditlinkSenator Al Franken Cosponsors Cannabis Legislation To Tax Cultivators and Sellers

Senator Al Franken Cosponsors Cannabis Legislation To Tax Cultivators and Sellers

(source) – Senator Al Franken has joined in cosponsoring a bill to help tax cannabis sellers and cultivators in states that have medical and recreational marijuana. This bill would help give cannabis businesses access to financial tools most businesses have and help legitimize them as a business.

This Week In Technology – September 23, 2017

redditlinkSpaceX's Global Internet Called Starlink

SpaceX’s Global Internet to be Called STARLINK Based on Trademark Filing

SpaceX has just filed a trademark to call their upcoming global internet satellite system “STARLINK”.  Problems with satellite internet providers is they have only a few satellites in high orbit which provides slow internet speeds.  STARLINK plans to fix it with thousands of low orbit satellites.

redditlinkAI Spots Alzheimers 10 Years Before Doctors

AI Spots Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease 10 Years Before Doctors

An AI system can spot signs of Alzheimer’s Disease in patients about 10 years before a doctor can.  These findings where proven by having doctors and the AI system both look at 10 years of MRI scans.  They AI was able to spot the disease almost 10 years before doctors could start spotting it.

redditlinkNew Approach Simulating Molecules on a Quantum Computer

New Approach Simulating Molecules on a Quantum Computer

Researched at IBM have found a new way to simulate molecules on a quantum computer.  The method is a new algorithm to analyze the molecules in quantum computing.  It was tested by finding the lowest energy state of beryllium hydride, the largest molecule ever simulated on a quantum computer.

redditlinkChina Bans Bitcoin CEOs From Leaving Country

China Bans Bitcoin CEOs From Leaving The Country

China has banned all the CEOs of companies related to bitcoin.  More than 80% of all hashing power happens in China.  There are rumors that china is going to ban all other forms of crypto-currencies and implement their own crypto coin instead.

redditlinkCCleaner Compromised For A Month

CCleaner Compromised For a Month to Distribute Malware

Version 5.33 of CCleaner was compromised to distribute malware to users for over a month.  However according to CCleaner they found and fixed the error before any machines had malware infected on them.  CCleaner is a popular tool to remove malware and spyware from your computer.

redditlinkEV Record, 1,101 Mile Trip on Single Charge

Electric Vehicle New Record: 1,101 Mile Trip on Single Charge

An electric bus has set a new electric vehicle record by going 1,101.2 Miles on a single charge.  The previous record was  1,013.8 miles   The bus accomplished this feat under perfect conditions using a test track without any passengers.

redditlinkU.S. Navy Using Xbox Controllers For Subs

U.S. Navy Using Xbox Controllers to Control Their Periscopes

The U.S. Navy has begun using X-box controllers to control the periscope on Virginia-class submarines.  Previously the cost was around $38,000 dollars for a helicopter controller to control the periscope.  The Navy did this in response to a new effort to cut costs.

redditlinkRumor: Amazon Making Smart Glasses

Rumor: Amazon Working On Alexa Powered Smart Glasses

Amazon is rumored to be working on their own version of smart glasses powered by their Alexa technology.  Imagine having a personal assistant that lets you easily order new things, and plan your day accordingly.  Amazon may beat apple and google to mainstream smart glasses.

redditlink3D Printed Active Muscle Synthetic Tissue

3D Printed, Active Muscle Synthetic Tissue, Developed

Researchers have developed a new way to 3D print synthetic tissue that can act as active muscle.  This is going to be a huge step forward in creating life like robots (soft robotics).  The trick is from using silicone rubber and ethanol-dispensing micro-bubbles.

redditlinkApple Update Blocks Multi Site Cookie

Apple Update Aimed At Blocking Multi Site Tracking Cookies

Apple has released a new update aimed at stopping what they determined are malicious cookies.  These type of cookies are ones ran by a website that lets advertisers track you throughout sites with their code on it and give results based on your searches.

This Week In Science – September 22, 2017

redditlink1,000-Year-Old Tomb Discovered in Guatemala

1,000-Year-Old Maya King Tomb Discovered

Archaeologists believe they have found a Maya King tomb in Guatemala that is over 1,000 years old.  They believe he was a king because a red jade mask with  a symbol indicting “Precious” was found in the tomb.  The king is suspected to be King Te’ Chan Ahk

redditlinkSnow Leopard No Longer Endangered

Snow Leopard No Longer Endangered

The Snow Leopard is been downgraded from the endangered species list to just vulnerable based on data analyzed from 2016.  The Snow Leopard has been at risk of extinction from over poaching and habitat loss.  The leopard’s population is still expected to drop 10% over 3 generations.

redditlinkComet-like Features Found in Binary Asteroid

Comet-like Features Found in Binary Asteroid

NASA’s Hubble telescope, has found for the first time, a pair of asteroids,  orbiting each other with comet like features.  The asteroids reside in a belt between Mars and Jupiter, and have nearly the same size and mass.  The comet like features are a bright coma and long tail.

redditlinkIdaho Wants First Dark Sky Reserve in USA

Idaho Wants First Dark Sky Reserve in USA

Idaho wants to open the first dark sky reserve in the United States of America.  there are only 11 Dark Sky Reserves in the world (different from dark sky spot).  Leaders in Ketchum and Sun Valley have been working years on the application that will be voted on this fall.

redditlinkLight Has Been Stored As Sound

Light Has Been Stored As Sound

In a worlds first, light has been stored as sound.  This is useful because it brings us one step closer to creating light based computers that can move data at the speed of light, 20 times faster than current computers.  This is because of using photons instead of electrons for data transfer.

redditlinkCargo Ships Can Trigger Lightning Storms

Cargo Ships Can Trigger Lightning Storms

Exhaust from cargo ships has been found to trigger lightning storms. Researchers at the University of Washington found lightning strikes, between 2015 and 2016, were twice as likely in regions of the East Indian Ocean that cargo ships traveled.

redditlinkSkin Patch Removes "Love Handles" in Mice

Skin Patch Removes “Love Handles” in Mice

A skin patch has been found to remove “love handles” on mice.  While mice have beige fat, human’s have brown fat, and therefor do not have the beta3 adrenergic receptors needed for this to work on them.  Humans have beta1 receptors, also found in the heart

redditlinkModified Poliovirus Kills Cancer Cells

Modified Poliovirus Kills Cancer Cells

Duke University Researchers has found that a modified version of the poliovirus, not only kills cancer cells, but stops tumor growth as well.  The modified virus is similar to PVS-RIPO, which has been used since 2011 against aggressive forms of brain tumors,

redditlink40% of Worker Ants Doing Nothing

40% of Worker Ants Doing Nothing

40% of worker ants have been found to just be standing around doing nothing.  Ants are found to have 4 groups.  Lazy Ants, Foragers, Nurses, and Walkers (security).  After removing 20% of a colony, researchers found the lazy ants are not replaced unlike the other groups.

redditlinkDrug Eating Bacteria Found In Cancer Cells

Drug Eating Bacteria Found In Cancer Cells

A type of bacteria has been found hiding out in cancer cells and eating the chemotherapy drugs intended to kill the cancer.  The bacteria, Mycoplasma hyorhinis, has so far been found in lab and animal tests.  More research is needed to find if the bacteria is doing the same in humans.

This Week In Movies – September 21, 2017

redditlinkdirect link iconShinichiro Watanabe Directing Blade Runner Anime

Cowboy Bebop Director to Direct Blade Runner Anime

Shinichiro Watanabe is going to direct the upcoming Blade Runner anime that covers the gap between the first and second films.  Shinichiro Watanabe is well known for directing the cult classic Cowboy Bebop.  Flying Lotus is in charge of the upcoming movies soundtrack.

redditlinkdirect link iconJohn Wick: Chapter 3 Coming in 2019

John Wick: Chapter 3 Coming in 2019

The third and final film in the John Wick trilogy is set for a 2019 release date.  The first 2 films so far have grossed $259.5 million worldwide.  The third film takes place right after SPOILER John Wick breaks the Continental’s “no killing on hotel grounds” rule.

redditlinkdirect link iconHarry Dean Stanton Passed Away at 91

Harry Dean Stanton Passed Away at 91

Harry dean Stanton has passed away at the age of 91.  He is most well known for multiple action and drama movies.  Included: Alien, Escape from New York, The Green Mile, The Godfather Part II, The Avengers, Red Dawn, and Paris Texas.

redditlinkdirect link iconMark Twain Actor, Hal Holbrook, Retires

Mark Twain Actor, Hal Holbrook, Retires

Hal Holbrook has retired from acting as of today.  He is well known for playing Mark Twain in multiple movies and tv shows.  The 92 year old actor has been performing since 1942.  Some recent shows where he played Mark Twain would be Greys Anatomy and Bones.

redditlinkdirect link iconLinda Hamilton Returning To Terminator

Linda Hamilton Returning to Terminator

Linda Hamilton has announced she is returning to the Terminator movie universe.  This announce comes after both James Cameron, her husband since the late 199s and Arnold Schwarzenegger, have announced involvement in the upcoming movie.

redditlinkdirect link iconAvatar 2 Begins Filming

Avatar 2 Begins Filming

Avatar 2 officially begins filming next week.  While many thought the movie was already being filmed from previous announcements.  Those were always “soon” or pre production work going on.  The first Avatar movie grossed over $2.79 billion worldwide in 2009

redditlinkdirect link icon'Gravity' Production Designer Joins 'Captain Marvel'

‘Gravity’ Production Designer Joins ‘Captain Marvel’

Oscar-Nominated Production Designer, Andy Nicholson, is signed on for the upcoming “Captain Marvel” movie.  Andy Nicholson is well known for his work on Gravity, The Host, and Jurassic World.  Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson and is set to be released in March 2019.

redditlinkdirect link iconDisney Pays $10MM To Break JJ Abrams Contract

Disney Pays $10MM to Break JJ Abrams Contract

Disney has paid Paramount $10 million dollars to break his current contract.  Disney did this so he can direct the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX movie.  JJ Abrams directed Star Wars Episode VII.  Paramount’s most profitable movie this year was Transformers: TLK.

redditlinkdirect link icon'mother!' Receives "F" From Cinemascore

‘mother!’ Receives “F” From Cinemascore

The latest Darren Aronovsky (Directed: Black Swan, The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, Pi) movie, ‘mother!’, has received an ‘F’ rating from cinemascore.  The rating is due to the movie being marketed as horror, but actually being more religiously themed.

redditlinkdirect link icon'IT' Director's Cut Will Be 15 Minutes Longer

‘IT’ Director’s Cut Will Be 15 Minutes Longer

‘IT’ Director’s Cut Will Be 15 Minutes Longer when its released on Blu-ray (currently no release date set).  The director, Andy Muchietti, said the director’s cut will probably be about 15 minutes longer.  The opening sequence is rumored to be have a longer scene.

This Week In Recipes – September 20, 2017

redditlinkdirect link iconJapanese Hokkaido Milk Bread

Japanese Hokkaido Milk Bread

The people over at have a complete guide on making Japanese milk bread, a popular sweet bread, using the tangzhong method.  Tangzhong is a method of mixing 1 part flour to 5 parts water, stirring and cooking in pot until the flour gelatinizes at 150°F

redditlinkdirect link iconParmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts

Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts brings us Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts.  You can easily make this recipe low carb by replacing the panko bread crumbs with pork rines and flour with almond flour.  This recipe can easily be used on other vegetables if Brussels Sprouts arent your thing.

redditlinkdirect link iconTomato, Onion, and Roasted Lemon Salad

Tomato, Onion, and Roasted Lemon Salad

Tomato, Onion, and Roasted Lemon Salad from Bonappetit is a thing of beauty.  A unique ingredient, pomegranate molasses, you can find at local Middle Eastern markets, or this amazon link.  Pomegranate molasses is also great in some Persian dishes.

redditlinkdirect link iconVegetable Jerky

Vegetable Jerky shows you can make Vegetable jerky with this recipe.  Now before you say “Well those are just chips”, keep in mind the baking is done at a low high for hours to give a jerky like texture.  Chips are made by cooking at a high temperature quickly.

redditlinkdirect link iconChik-Fil-A Chicken Salad

Chik-Fil-A Chicken Salad

Chik-fil-a is discontinuing serving their chicken salad sandwiches at some locations, so they decided to share the recipe.  Since it was on a flyer here is the recipe posted here.  Yields 3 cups total.


  • 4 Chicken Breasts fully cooked, cooled, and cut into 1 inch cubes
  • 2.5 ounces of celery (1.5 stalks), washed, trimmed, and cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 1/3 cup of sweet pickle relish
  • 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
  • 2 hard boiled eggs, cooled and peeled


  • Mix chicken, mayo, celery, and relish in a food processor at low/medium for 5 seconds.
  • Add the eggs in now 1 at a time and run for another 10 seconds or until salad is in the desired consistency.

redditlinkdirect link iconMoroccan Chicken Try Bake

Moroccan Chicken Try Bake gives us a Moroccan Chicken Try Bake recipe with turmeric, apricots, honey, and pistachios.  One of the ingredients is “runny honey”, it is the liquid state of honey, which is normally fresh honey at room temperature.  8 chicken legs would work in the recipe too.

redditlinkdirect link iconTeriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken has a Teriyaki Chicken recipe that claims to only take 15 minutes to make.  This recipe has the skin on the chicken, which is though to give it a better texture and flavoring.  The oil talked about in the recipe is leftover chicken fat.

redditlinkdirect link iconSuper Crispy Fish Tacos

Super Crispy Fish Tacos

Reddit user ianjmcg has a wonderful picture of super crispy fish tacos he/she has made.  The recipe is from and gives you an extra crunchy style of fish taco.  The trick is adding a little wet batter in the dry flour mix and mixing it up for crunchy balls.

redditlinkdirect link iconPumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars from to stay in the fall spirit.  While the ingredient list may be large, the actual directions are pretty easy so dont worry about it.  Also try changing out the oatmeal and using graham crackers for the crust instead.

redditlinkdirect link iconStrawberry Panna Cotta

Strawberry Panna Cotta

Reddit user Old_piano has shared a recipe for Strawberry Panna Cotta.  Heavy cream is best when using a milk for this recipe.  If you do not have any glasses like this one, wine glasses will work just fine.  Its a great after dinner treat that is quick to make and looks great.

This Week In Gaming – September 19, 2017

This Week In Cannabis – September 18, 2017