This Week In Movies

This Week In Movies – July 20, 2017

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This Week In Recipes

This Week In Recipes – July 19, 2017

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  1. – The recipe says Banana but in reality it should be plantains so yea.
    – The flatbread recipe is 2 ingredients when you use self rising flour.
    – I would use less honey for the slow cooker honey garlic.
    – 7 net carbs with the Keto Waffles

This Week In Gaming

This Week In Gaming – July 18, 2017

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  1. – I highly recommend checking out the final fantasy 7 speed run, while its long, coming in at 8 hours, it is really interesting to see how they do it. Plus the mteroid speed run is just fun to watch because of what happens in the first 10 minutes of the run.

    – Cuphead looks to be an amazing game, but without health bars on the bosses it seems a little repetitive. You cant see your progress at all while fighting them, which really dampens the experience.

    – While the Mario Kart VR is only in Japan, Nintendo did announce they play on bringing VR stations to the USA so everyone living there can look forward to it. The hope is they eventually decide to port it over the VR consoles like the rift and vive.

    – Runescape mobile will be out sometime in 2018, and it will be the full game, not just a poor imitation, at least that is what they are saying.

This Week In Cannabis

This Week In Cannabis – July 17, 2017

Swiss supermarket to start selling 'legal cannabis' cigarettesredditlink
$1,000,000 in marijuana found in Mexican-made Fords transported to USAredditlink
2 tons of marijuana disguised as lettuce intercepted at South Texas borderredditlink
102 synthetic marijuana overdose patients in 3 days in 1 countyredditlink
Marijuana effects on changes in brain structure and cognitive function among HIV+ and HIV− adultsredditlink
Wisconsin Representative Introduces Bill to Fully Legalize Marijuanaredditlink
HS student is suspended just for smelling like weed. No weed in possession and passes a same day drug test.redditlink
Michigan drive to legalize marijuana has 100,000 petition signatures so farredditlink
Push To Legalize Weed Still On In Illinois To Help Solve Budget Problemsredditlink
Marijuana taxes are giving Colorado a pot of money to rebuild its crumbling schoolsredditlink
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  1. For the record I am fully aware that I have a picture of an onion and not lettuce. Google images showed me a picture of an onion so I decided to go with it instead of posting lettuce. I have gotten a lot of replies about it, and realized I can not do that anymore ha.

This Week In USA

This Week In The USA – July 16, 2017

Trump Jr. releases email chain on conversations with Russian sourcesredditlink
Jared Kushner 'tried and failed to get a $500m loan from Qatar before pushing Trump to take hard line against country'redditlink
Trump backtracks on U.S.-Russia cyber unit, says it cannot happenredditlink
Trump’s Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Information on Clintonredditlink
Seattle City Council unanimously approves income tax for the richredditlink
EPA seeks to scrap rule protecting drinking water for third of Americans redditlink
Oregon may soon decriminalize heroin, cocaine, methredditlink
Homeland Security says Americans who don't want faces scanned leaving the country "shouldn't travel"redditlink
Law banning filming Utah slaughterhouses ruled unconstitutionalredditlink
An Alabama court rules a 12-year-old impregnated by a relative can have an abortionredditlink

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  1. So there has been some confusion on the Oregon decriminalizing all harsh drugs. You will still be arrested for selling, and you will be fined for being caught doing them. However the premise is like that of Portugal, where they felt that legalization would lead more money saved and helping people get clean faster. If you want to learn more just google “Portugal Decriminalization”. It is a really interesting read.

This Week In World

This Week In The World – July 15, 2017

Brazil's Former President Lula Sentenced to Prison on Corruption Chargesredditlink
Russia quietly moves border hundreds of yards into occupied Georgiaredditlink
Qatar Revealed Documents Show Saudi, UAE Back Al-Qaeda, ISISredditlink
Malta legalizes Gay Marriage 66-1 in parliament.redditlink
Australian Government held back greenhouse gas data for more than a month to hide increase in emissions redditlink
China bans all online LGBT contentredditlink
UAE pays $10m compensation after Sheikh tortures US citizenredditlink
Sweden beats Canada and the U.S. in ranking of best countries to be an immigrantredditlink
Germany begins withdrawing troops from Turkish air baseredditlink
Yemen cholera cases pass 300,000 as outbreak spirals, with about 7,000 new cases every dayredditlink

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  1. The Qatar post might be a fake post. It was done by an Iranian state sponsored website. Even though no comments on reddit claimed it was fake, nor did I find anything posted online debunking the article itself. There have been no other articles on it anywhere, and the iranfrontpage news is said to be a propaganda front for the country.

This Week In Science

This Week In Science – July 14, 2017

Drug-resistant 'superbug gonorrhea' is emerging, WHO warnsredditlink
NASA Just Announced They Can’t Afford to Get Humans to Marsredditlink
Giant iceberg splits from Antarcticredditlink
Astronomers just discovered the smallest star, less than 10% the mass of the Sun.redditlink
Increased coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of death from multiple causesredditlink
Research shows magic mushrooms can offer real benefits in depression therapyredditlink
US Military Unveils $65 Million ‘Matrix’ Project To Plug Our Brains Directly Into Computersredditlink
Scientists have created "golden" bananas rich in vitamin A to fight vitamin A deficiency in Uganda.redditlink
Plants turn caterpillars into cannibals. Chemical produced by tomato plants in response to pest attack can change insect behaviour.redditlink
Reddit Is Testing Country-Specific Home Pagesredditlink

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  1. There has been some arguments on if the Reddit post should be included. My reasoning was that it is a change in their algorithm and potentially certain countries might not want science related subs to show to the masses. However I will keep things like this to a minimum as I do want to focus solely on science related things, and not things people may consider to be fluff pieces.