This Week In Biology – December 06, 2017

Pigeons can discriminate both space and timeredditlink

Pigeons can discriminate both space and time

Dec 05
Since birds do not have a cortex this shows that abstract thinking is not cortically dependent for species. It was originally believed only a few species like primates could have abstract intelligence. Research Article Link
Muhammad Mahdi Karim

redditlinkChinese scientists find all the genetic building blocks of SARS in a single population of horseshoe bats

Building blocks of SARS found in a horseshoe bat population

Dec 04
Chinese scientists suggest that they have solved the mystery of the origins of the deadly SARS virus, and believe a new outbreak of the deadly virus could happen again. Research Article Link

redditlink215 miraculously well-preserved pterosaur eggs discovered

215 miraculously well-Preserved pterosaur eggs discovered

Dec 02
The eggs were discovered in the Gobi Desert in northwestern China. Pterosaurs are believed to be the first animals with backbones to master flight, and had a wingspan of around 11 feet.
Zhao Chuang

redditlinkHoneybees Found To Have A left or right preference when flying

Honeybees Found To Have A left or right preference when flying

Dec 01
Researches found this preference by creating a honey bee obstetrical course where they could decide on which way to fly. Some bees were found do not have a preference in what direction they are flying at all. Research Article Link

redditlinkNew Study helps to suggest sponges to be the sister of all other animals

New Study helps to suggest sponges to be the sister of all other animals

Dec 01
If you go back in time there was a moment where a species branched off from other animals.  A new study helps to confirm that sponges are the first to do so, however some evidence contests that comb jellies are the first. Research Article Link
Alamy Stock Photo

redditlinkNew York City Has Genetically Distinct ‘Uptown’ and ‘Downtown’ Rats

New York City Has Genetically Distinct ‘Uptown’ and ‘Downtown’ Rats

Dec 01
This was found by a graduate student sequencing rates throughout Manhattan.  They found they had unique rat neighborhoods and the neighborhoods lined up well with human ones. Research Article Link
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

redditlinkScientists prove that jelly fish can sleep

Scientists prove that jellyfish can sleep

Dec 01
Scientists tested the responsiveness to stimuli on the Cassiopea (upside-down) jellyfish.  The found that they must have a time of diminished activity or they respond more slowly to stimuli. Research Article Link
Pete Oxford – fineartamerica

redditlinkOrangutans documented, for the first time, applying anti - inflammatory agents

Orangutans documented applying anti-Inflammatory agents

Dec 01
Researchers found that orangutans (Pongo Pygmaeus) were using the plant (Dracaena Cantleyi) for its anti-inflammatory benefits.  This is the first time a ape has been document externally applying an anti-inflammatory agent.

redditlinkNew butterfly species discovered in Russia

New butterfly species discovered in Russia

Nov 30
Finding a new species is already a rare thing to happen, but what makes this find even more interesting is this butterfly has a set of 46 chromosomes, while its closest relative has 68 chromosomes.
Lukhtanov VA, Dantchenko AV

redditlinkScallops Focus Light Like a telescope to see

Scientists finally see how Scallops eyes work like tiny telescopes

Nov 30
Scallops can have up to 200 eyes, and it was known they use each of them like a tiny telescope.  However for the first time scientists have been able to see exactly how they work via computer simulations. Research Article Link
 Stephen Frink/Photodisc/Getty Images