This Week In Cannabis – November 13, 2017

redditlinkOn December 8th The Justice Department Can Prosecute People for Medical Marijuana

On December 8th The Justice Department Can Prosecute People for Medical Marijuana

– This is due to an amendment expiring that forbade them from interfering with state medical marijuana programs
– You can sign a petition to urge representatives to extend the amendment

redditlinkNew Jersey Gov, Phil Murphy Wants Legalization in 100 Days

New Jersey’s Governor Wants Legalization in 100 Days

– The newly elected Gov, campaigned heavily for legalization in 100 days
– The previous gov, Chris Christie, refused to allow any legalization in the state.

redditlinkIBM Suggests British Columbia Move To Blockchain For Cannabis Logistics

IBM Suggests British Columbia Move To Block chain For Cannabis Logistics

– IBM believes this will help to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse of the system by helping to secure the supply chain via the bloackchain ledger.

redditlinkPrivate cannabis stores planned for Alberta

Private Cannabis Stores Planned for Alberta

– The government will handle online sales for cannabis.
– While private stores will handle the brick and mortar sales.

redditlinkMedical cannabis legislation progresses to next stage

Ireland’s Medical Marijuana Legislation Progresses to the Next Stage

– The bill would allow those approved for medical marijuana to use the plant.
– Some people believe this bill is just for show and has no chance of becoming law.

redditlinkMedical marijuana is 'wrong for Indiana' and could worsen drug crisis, county prosecutors group says

Medical Marijuana Could Worsen Drug Crisis, says Indiana County Prosecutors Group

– Some believe prosecutors are only saying this out of a fear of budgets cuts from fewer opioid cases due to the legalization of cannabis.

redditlinkStudy: Nearly 70% of online CBD marijuana extracts are mislabeled

Study: Nearly 70% of Online CBD Extracts are Mislabeled

– The study was partially funded by a company that sells opioid medication causing some to believe a conflict of interest happened.

redditlinkWisconsin Senate unanimously approves industrial hemp bill

Wisconsin Senate Approves Industrial Hemp Bill

– The bill would allow the cultivation and usage of hemp.
– The bill has significant support from both sides.

redditlinkLeafly lays off 15 employees

Leafly Lays Off 15 Employees

– That equates to 13% of their workforce
– Leafly claims these changes are to  better serve the growing market

redditlinkMarijuana depenalization passes in Athens

Marijuana Depenalization Passes in Athens, Ohio

– Fewer than 100 grams of marijuana is a minor misdemeanor
– More than 100 grams but less than 200 grams is a fourth-degree misdemeanor.