This Week In Cannabis – November 20, 2017

redditlinkStudy finds medical cannabis is effective at reducing opioid addiction

Study Finds Medical Cannabis is Effective at Reducing Opioid Addiction

The University of New Mexico has released a new study showing the ability to legally purchase cannabis creates a significant reduction in opoid usage.  Applicants had a 17 times higher age- and gender-adjusted odds of ceasing opioid prescriptions when medicinal cannabis was available
Steve Carr

redditlinkJeff Sessions conceded that cannabis is not as dangerous as heroin

Jeff Sessions Concedes Cannabis is Not as Dangerous as Heroin

The Obama guidance that allows states to legalize marijuana, and stops the federal government from intervening, looks to remain in effect.  The Attorney General Jeff Sessions also stated that heroin is more dangerous than cannabis.

redditlinkCalifornia's Cannabis Regulations Will Allow Huge Farms

California’s Cannabis Regulations Will Allow Huge Farms

Here are some of the points to the new California regulations.  Edibles can only have 100 milligrams, tinctures can only have 1,000 milligrams, Deliveries are allowed.  Also businesses may not mix it with alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, or seafood.
Gabrielle Lurie / Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle 2016

redditlinkStudy: Adolescent Cannabis Use Does Not Increase In States With Legal Medical Marijuana

Study: Adolescent Cannabis Use Does Not Increase In States With Legal Medical Marijuana

A study published in the journal of Prevention Science came out with these finding.  The study did show that above the age of 26 cannabis usage does increase in states with legal cannabis.

redditlinkKentucky government task force convenes to legalize medical marijuana

Kentucky Government Task Force Convenes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Kentucky’s Secretary of States announced they are working on a task force to look into how to regulate and implement medical marijuana if legalized.  While they have no plans for legalization yet they now have a group set up to help the state when/if cannabis is legalized.
J. Scott Applewhite, AP

redditlinkMore than half of Colorado marijuana users think it’s OK to drive high, CDOT says

More Than Half of Colorado Marijuana Users Think it’s OK to Drive High, CDOT says

This finding was created after 57% of people admitted to driving a motor vehicle 2 hours after consuming marijuana.  So the participants in the study may not believe its okay to drive while high.  Furthermore the majority of people in the state do not believe its safe to drive under the influence of cannabis.
Andy Cross, The Denver Post

redditlinkColorado education officials will spend $10 million in marijuana tax revenue on teacher pay

Colorado will Spend $10 Million in Marijuana Tax Revenue on Teachers

The money will be spent on hiring and retaining teachers.  Up to 3,000 teaching jobs across the state may need to be filled, with some positions being unfilled for years.  Currently officials are compiling a list for the best way to spend the money to achieve this goal.
Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

redditlinkStudy suggests there is no reason to add tobacco to cannabis

Study Suggests Tobacco Does Not Make Cannabis More Rewarding

According to the journal Psychopharmacology a double blind placebo controlled study of 24 smokers found that tobacco does not make cannabis more rewarding when mixed.  However some might mix the two to make it last longer or keep the burn easier.
Rafael Castillo

redditlinkNY governor signs bill on Veterans Day to allow medical marijuana for PTSD

NY Governor Signs Bill Allowing Medical Marijuana for PTSD

The governor signed this bill on Veterans day as a sign of support towards them.  The governor says around 19,000 New Yorkers with PTSD could be helped by this law..
Mike Groll, Associated Press file

redditlinkElderly Couple Held at Gunpoint by Police After Hibiscus Plants Mistaken for Marijuana

Elderly Couple Held at Gunpoint by Police After Hibiscus Plants Mistaken for Marijuana

The couples insurance agent believed their hibiscus plants was marijuana.  They claim police officers pointed assaults rifles at them, placed them in a police cruiser for four hours while searching the property, and caused damage to their property.