This Week In Cannabis – November 27, 2017

redditlinkCBD oil declared illegal in Indiana by Attorney General Curtis Hill

CBD Oil Declared Illegal in Indiana by Attorney General Curtis Hill

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis and does not give any of the psychedelic effects of THC.  It is mainly used for treating pain and seizures.  The A.G. stated he is deeming it illegal because it is illegal on the federal level.

redditlinkHigh-profile cannabis foe with medical marijuana card sues pair who allegedly disclosed it

Anti Cannabis Advocate Caught with Medical Marijuana Card

Matthew Martin is the treasurer of the Kern Country Young Republicans and employee for western pacific research, a consulting firm with multiple anti cannabis clients. He is currently suing the pair he believes disclosed this.

redditlinkStudy Confirms that Alcohol is Ten Times Deadlier than Cannabis On the Road

Alcohol Ten Times Deadlier than Cannabis On the Road

Alcohol was found to be 17.8 times more likely to cause a fatal accident while cannabis was found to be 1.65 times more likely.

redditlinkNHL & NHLPA to Discuss Allowing Players to Use Marijuana

NHL & NHLPA to Discuss Allowing Marijuana Usage

Both organizations will discuss this topic in July 2018, and if approved players may use the substance therapeutically.

redditlinkSocial Marijuana Use Is Now Allowed In the City of Denver

Social Marijuana Use Is Now Allowed In Denver

This pilot program will allow approved businesses to have social use spaces where people may bring their own marijuana to be smoked. Only vaping and ebiles will be allowed indoors, and smoking in outdoor areas.

redditlinkDEA set to Approve Synthetic THC Drug by Insys; Insys Donated $500K to Lobby Against Cannabis Legalization

DEA to Approve Synthetic THC Drug from Anti Cannabis Company

Last month the founder of Insys was arrested on fraud and racketeering charges.  The CEO has been accused of providing kickbacks to doctors to prescribe the companies highly addictive fentanyl spray.  The company also donated $500k lobbying against cannabis legalization.
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redditlinkHow Jeff Sessions Plans to End Medical Marijuana Before the Year Is Over

Jeff Sessions May End Medical Marijuana on December 8th

On December 8th, an Obama policy that prohibits the DEA from interfering with states legalizing medical marijuana will expire.  Sessions has state multiple times in the past he wants to prosecute those in states with medical marijuana.
AP Photo/Brynn Anderso

redditlinkCongressional Republicans block vote on amendment to let marijuana businesses use banks

Congressional Republicans Block Vote Allowing Marijuana Businesses Use Banks

Republicans claim they blocked the vote because the amendment was not related enough to the ‘stress testing for financial institutions’ bill.

redditlinkUK MP calls for cannabis to be legalized, advises UK citizens to break the law and admits to making cannabis tea in the house of commons

UK MP Calls for Cannabis Legalization

The 82 year old UK MP, Paul Flynn, also has admitted to making cannabis infused tea in the house of commons.  He also believes citizens should break the law and use cannabis if desired.

redditlinkCalifornia hotel is launching a weed dispensary on site

A California Hotel is Launching an on Site Weed Dispensary

The standard hotel plans to open its own dispensary in early 2018.  The company also plans to collaborate with other companies to create an exclusive line of cannabis products.
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