This Week In Cannabis – September 11, 2017

redditlinkdirect link iconNew Zealand doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis

New Zealand doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis

Doctors in New Zealand can now prescribe medicinal marijuana to patients.  The measure has a few complaints by pro cannabis members.  The price for purchasing and entry requirements are both high.  Also doctors can currently only import CBD and no high THC strains.

redditlinkdirect link iconIllinois Cannabis Board Disbanded

Illinois cannabis board disbanded

The state board was originally created to help figure ailments and conditions that medicinal cannabis should be approved for.  The committee is expected to disbanded after the 3 year grace period ends soon.  Proponents say dissolving the board is a political one, and opponents say

redditlinkdirect link iconGOP Blocks Medical Marijuana Protections

GOP blocks medical marijuana protections

The GOP is accused of stopping the house from voting on an amendment that bars the justice department from going after states with medical marijuana.  Republicans say they should not interfere with the department of justice, while democrats say that is why they want this vote.

redditlinkdirect link iconTeen cannabis usage at 20 year low

Teen cannabis usage at 20 year low

A federal survey has released data showing that marijuana usage among teenagers has decreased.  What is also interesting with the study is alcohol, tobacco, and cocaine, and other drugs seem to be down too.  Might this be due to electronic recreational activities?

redditlinkdirect link iconOntario Announces Cannabis Stores

Ontario announces cannabis stores

The Ontario Government announced they will allow 60 government run storefronts in the first year and then more to come later.  You must be 19 years or older to purchase.  Illegally deemed pot shops must close within the next 12 months.

redditlinkdirect link iconChild's seizures 100-0 from CBD

Child’s seizures 100-0 from CBD

The first person in the U.K. to be prescribed cannabis has gone from 100 seizures a day to 0 from cannabis oil.  The young boy has not had a single seizure in over 300 days from using a high CBD oil.  This oil has little to no psychedelic effects from a low THC.

redditlinkdirect link iconReduced Obesity In Pot Smokers

Reduced Obesity In Pot Smokers

A study has show cannabis users tend to eat 600 more calories than non smokers but have a lower overall risk of diabetes and obesity.  The research was based on about 5,000 adults and was preformed by the University of Nebraska.

redditlinkdirect link iconFirst Texas medical marijuana license

First Texas medical marijuana license

Texas has issued the first medical marijuana license in the state.  The license is for a company to sell medical marijuana to patients with a rare form of epilepsy. Two more companies are expected to be granted licenses soon.

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New Ohio medical marijuana rules

Ohio has adopted rules in order to begin setting up dispensaries.  This does not mean people can legally purchase medical marijuana.  The dispensaries will not show for another year now.  With these rules medical marijuana patients can not smoke or grow cannabis.

redditlinkdirect link iconTHC improves older mice's memory

THC improves older mice’s memory

Low doses of THC has been found to improve the learning and memory in older mice.  The study was published in the journal Nature Medicine.  They are now looking for around 100 volunteers between the ages of 60-70 to help see if low doses of THC can help them too.