This Week In Gadgets – December 03, 2017

redditlinkThe Substitute Phone is designed to help smartphone addicts cope in their absence

The Substitute Phone, Designed to Help Smartphone Addicts

Nov 27
The substitute phone is created by Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger.  The substitute phone is designed to help users mimic swiping, scrolling, and pinching.  The sub phone is not for sale yet, but is expected soon according to the website.
Leonhard Hilzensauer

redditlinkThe Malawi Aquarium Allows You To Also Grow Food With Aquaponics

The Malawi Aquarium Grows Your Food Too

Dec 01
Now you can grow food on top of your aquarium with the Malawi Aquarium.  A key problem with growing plants out of your aquariums is going to be properly manage your nitrogen cycles. Pricing stars at $279.

redditlinkThe Vinci 2.0 headphones let you stream music without a phone and allow you to interact with Alexa's A.I.on the go

The Vinci 2.0 Headphones Lets You Interact with Alexa’s A.I. On The Go

Dec 02
The headphones have built in 3g so you will not need your phone to stream music.  You will need a sim card and a plan for these headphones which means most likely a 5 dollar a month plan.  The vinci also comes with gesture control and voice recognition.
Vinci 2.0

redditlinkSony truly wireless earbuds review: a flawed first try

Sony Truly Wireless Earbuds Early Review: A Flawed First Try

Nov 29
Everyone wants to compete with the apple airpods but so far few are able to do it.  The good: Balance sound, noise isolation, and comfortable  The bad: noise cancellation, short battery life, audio dropouts.

redditlinkHDMI 2.1 final specs released: Dynamic HDR, Variable Refresh Rate, Low Latency Mode

HDMI 2.1 Final Specs: Dynamic HDR, Variable Refresh Rate, Low Latency Mode

Nov 29
Some others key stats 8K60 4:2:0 uncompressed, 8K120 4:2:0 with DSC, 10K60 4:4:4 with DSC.

redditlinkHands-on with the HaptX glove that lets you actually hold stuff in VR

Hands-On With The HaptX Glove, Hold And Feel Things In VR

Nov 27
Imagine feeling rain on your hand, touching the face of a person, or building something in VR.  This is the goal with the HaptX Glove which is expected to be released in 2018, but not price is currently listed for the device.

redditlinkDJ in VR is now possible with “Vinyl Reality”

DJ In VR Is Now Possible With “Vinyl Reality”

Nov 29
Just imagine headlining a festival in your living room, or collaborating across the world with someone in virtual reality.  This is the goal with Vinyl Reality.  The software is currently in early access on steam for 14.99 and already has pretty positive user reviews.
EntroPi Games

redditlinkGIGABYTE Launches Splash-Proof AORUS K9 Optical Keyboard with Infrared Switches

GIGABYTE Launches Splash-Proof Optical Keyboard With Infrared Switches

Nov 30
The latest keyboard by Gigabyte is industrial grade waterproof and corrosion proof.  The AORUS K9 is expected to cost over $130 with no release date yet.

redditlinkNoninvasive RFID tag measures your vital signs without body contact

Noninvasive RFID Tag Measures Your Vital Signs Without Body Contact

Dec 01
In a current simulation of these new RFID tags a hospital could easily monitor 200 patients at once with this system.  These could easily allow monitoring of a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing patterns and more.

redditlinkJim Beam is selling a smart decanter that pours whiskey on command

Jim Beam Is Selling a Smart Decanter That Pours Whiskey On Command

Dec 01
Labeled as the world’s first intelligent bourbon decanter by Jim Beam, this smart decanter pours on command.  The device will give you 3g capabilities that expire after six months.  Currently it is sold out for online purchases at the cost of $34.90.
Jim Beam