This Week In Gaming – December 05, 2017

Mega Man 11 Announcedredditlink

Mega Man 11 Announced

Dec 04
The game is coming to the Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.  The release date so far is set as “late 2018”.
Official Capcom UK

redditlinkAll 8 Mega Man X games are coming to

All 8 Mega Man X Games Are Coming To Major Gaming Platforms

Dec 04
All 8 of the popular mega man x games will be coming to the switch, ps4, xbox one, and pc.  No word yet if it will be a bundle or each game sold individually.  Also no exact date has been released.

redditlinkRumor: Dark Souls Coming To Nintendo Switch

Rumor: Dark Souls Coming To The Switch

Dec 04
In a tweet by marcus sellars (which has now been deleted), he stated that Bandai Namco will be hosting an event on December 15th and one of the games will be a Dark Souls One Remaster..
Dark Souls

redditlinkRumor: Silent Hill PT Back in Development

Rumor: Silent Hill PT Back in Development

Dec 04
Silent Hill PT was a demo on PS3 that was canceled years ago.  Well Del Toro & Hideo Kokima has been retweeting images from the game for the past few days and will be at The Game Awards this Thursday.
Silent Hill PT

redditlinkPUBG will run 30 FPS across all xbox one devices.

PUBG will run 30 FPS across all xbox one devices

Dec 02
Previously it was believed the game would run at 60 frames per second on the Xbox one X and the other xbox consoles would get 30fps.

redditlinkBloodborne unused bosses and npcs!

Bloodborne Unused Bosses and NPCs!

Dec 01
Youtuber Sanadsk data mined the Bloodborne game files and found multiple Bosses and NPC’s that didn’t make the game’s final cut.  The most notable is going to be the first NPC but the bosses are pretty interesting too.

redditlinkFinal Fantasy XV: Three 'Episode' DLCs planned for 2018, including 'Episode Ardyn'

Final Fantasy XV: Three ‘Episode’ DLCs planned for 2018

Nov 30
This month there will be an official announcement with more info on these updates.  The first one will be an episode for Ardyn, and they know players want one for Luna too, but nothing is confirmed.
Final Fantasy 15

redditlinkWizard of Legend Announcement Trailer

Wizard of Legend Announcement Trailer

Nov 30
Based on the trailer the game looks to be very fluid and has great graphics.  ‘Wizard of Legend’ looks similar to a game called “Crawl”.

redditlinkCyberpunk 2077 game engine completed

Cyberpunk 2077 game engine completed

Nov 29
Cyberpunk 2077 will be the next game by CD Projekt Red.  CD Projekt Red is well known for the witcher series.  The game’s engine being completed means they now can start building the game’s world and hopefully show in game trailers soon too.

redditlinkGame Dev Tycoon now on iOS

Game Dev Tycoon now on iOS

Nov 29
Game dev tycoon lets you take control of a gaming studio and create your own game.  You have to manage multiple aspects of running a gaming studio.  The game had mixed reviews from critics, but a positive rating from gamers.
Game Dev Tycoon – Youtube Channel Total Reach