This Week In Health – December 04, 2017

redditlinkA Vaccine for HIV Is About to Be Tested in Thousands of People

A Vaccine for HIV Is About to Be Tested on Thousands of People

Dec 03
The vaccine combines proteins from multiple HIV strains and hopes to prevent infection from any strain of HIV.  The vaccine is going to be tested on 2,600 women in southern Africa.  Currently they hope to achieve an effectiveness of over 50% with this vaccine.
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redditlinkFirst U.S. Baby Born After a Uterus Transplant

First U.S. Baby Born After a Uterus Transplant

Dec 03
The first baby born in the USA via Uterus Transplant was done at Baylor to a women without a uterus.  This is the first birth in the hospital’s ongoing uterus transplant clinical trial.
Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

redditlinka new algorithm could reduce radiation from medical X-rays by thousands-fold.

A New Algorithm Could Reduce Radiation from CT Scans by Thousands-Fold

Dec 01
The scientific unit of measurement for a radiation dose is a millisievert (mSv). The average person is exposed to 3 mSv/year, and a single CT scans tends to give you around 5 mSv.

redditlinkFully Functioning Artificial Human Heart Muscle Developed

Fully Functioning Artificial Human Heart Muscle Developed

Nov 30
Duke University Researches announced they have created an artificial human heart muscle large enough to patch over a damaged one by patients that have suffered a heart attack.  However they still need to make the replacement heart muscle thicker to fully replace the dead tissue.
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redditlinkPoo Pills Are Becoming Our Answer to Dangerous Superbug Infections

Poo Pills Are Becoming Our Answer to Dangerous Superbug Infections

Nov 30
On average antibiotics have a 10-30 percent of patient recurrence for C. difficile (severe diarrhea), however Fecal Matter Transplants have a 90 percect efficacy.
Jurrasic Park

redditlinkHair Loss Treatment Coming? New agent not only prevents hair loss but actually promotes the growth of new hair

New Agent Not Only Prevents Hair Loss but Actually Promotes the Growth of New Hair

Nov 30
A new hair loss treatment when applied to the bare skin of mice over the course of 28 days grew new hair follicles and prevent hair loss.  They are currently testing this treatment PTD-DMB on animals for toxicity.
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redditlinkAmputees can learn to control a robotic arm with their minds through electrodes implanted in the brain

Amputees Can Learn to Control a Robotic Arm with Their Minds

Nov 29
Researchers implanted electrodes into the brains of rhesus monkeys that suffered events at a young age that forced them to amputate a limb.  Researchers plan next to work on giving the monkeys proprioception, which is the sense of where the limb is located in space
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redditlinkScientists identify protein linked with memory formation

Scientists Identify Protein Linked with Memory Formation

Nov 29
Researched reduced the synthesis of Staufen2 in rats and found that the rats long term memory performance was significantly worse than wild-type animals.  However they also found that it makes synapses more response than they would normally be.
 LMU/Joerg Koc

redditlinkScarlet fever cases hit 50-year high in England

Scarlet Fever Cases Hit 50-Year High in England

Nov 29
The disease has been on the rise since 2014.  In 2016, 19,206 cases had been reported, but based on 2017 data, it may be going down, but scientists believe it is still too early to tell.

redditlinkGene therapy to fix failing hearts works in pigs and will be tried in humans in 2018

Gene Therapy to Fix Failing Hearts Works in Pigs and will be Tried in Humans in 2018

Nov 28
Scientists successfully reversed heart failure in pigs by delivering a gene to the heart that makes its more efficient at pumping blood and therefore better at supply the body with oxygen.  It reduced heart failure by 25 percent in the left ventricle by 20 percent in the left atrium.